It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This week the students in 4EH have had a very exciting time.  They have created a few art pieces with a Christmas theme and have been very busy learning their songs for the Christmas carols next Tuesday evening.

On Thursday they met their new teachers for Year 5 in 2014!

I wonder who your new teacher is next year and what are you most looking forward to in 2014?


Today for Values Ed we watched a clip from Peter Pan called you can fly.

We then discussed positive thoughts and how we can be successful if we believe in ourselves.

Can you think of a time you succeeded because you thought positively?

Clowning Around

This week the Year Four’s dressed up as clowns.  Our aim was to make people laugh, as we having been looking at the benefits of laughter.  We learnt that laughter makes you feel better, and as our class discovered making others laugh makes you feel pretty good too!

What clown do you think looks the funniest?  What joke would you tell to make others laugh?
































Homework weeks 2&3

The Homework grid for weeks 2&3 has now been posted on the homework page.  All sheets have been provided in class today, along with homework book A.

Spelling will continue to be tested weekly on Friday.  Both week 2 and 3 spelling words have been provided and are also available on the homework page.  Diaries are due each Friday.

The spelling booklet is also on the homework page.


Footy Day 2013

Footy day 2013 was a big hit!  We all participated in activities at Macleod park, lead by the Marcellin boys.

After lunch was the parade.  It was great to see so many different teams represented.  For the very first time, Magpie supporters Mrs H & Ms E were outnumbered!

There will be a couple of happy Hawthorn fans at school in week 1.  Congratualtions.

I wonder how you spent your Grand Final day?









Book Week: Dress Up Day

HUGE thanks to Miss Y for a fantastic Book Week and a terrific day on Friday.

The parade in the morning showed so many characters and there were many different ones in the 4EH classroom including Princess Poppy, The Lone Ranger, Alice Miranda, Specky Magee, Poppy Longstocking and Little Red Riding Hood.

There was also a large green frog that came from the book ‘The Pros and Cons of being a Frog’ by Sue deGennaro.  We looked at this short listed book and enjoyed the message in the story about friendship.  We then made our own frogs!

The afternoon saw us with our Year 2 buddies.  We read to them our favourite picture story book and completed an activity that we had made especially for them.

A great day showing how much we all love to read!

Homework weeks 6&7

The new homework grid has begun and we are halway there.  All books and tasks need to be completed by Friday.  Please see the homework page for all the details.

As the children reached their team goal this week, there will be NO HOMEWORK in week 8 as their reward.

Congratulations 4EH!

First Eucharist

Congratulations to the beautiful children of 4EH who made their First Eucharist on the weekend.  Everyone did an amazing job and looked so beautiful and handsome.

Thanks to the wonderful famailies who helped prepare the children for this special day.  AND for the yummy pieces of cake I was given this morning.